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Wide View of Factory

To many, prefab has long been associated with one of two things:  either the last twenty years of prefabrication experiments with gorgeously modern, single-family custom homes, or the not-so-beautiful manufactured-housing industry, a historically stigma-plagued solution to housing shortages the world over.  While the high-volume production sector effectively reduces cost and speed to market of building

If you believe, as does Cassette, that the global construction industry is on the cusp of an industrialization revolution, then consider this: Our current material palette for construction comes from a long evolution of safety code considerations, combined with construction means and methods that have changed very little over the last century. Utilizing that portfolio

As modular construction increasingly becomes a darling of the press and the development community, many early obstacles are beginning to soften. Securing financing for modular projects, however, remains a formidable challenge for many. In fact, financing might just be the last hurdle to rapid modular adoption, as the industry moves from today’s methods into a