Cassette Launches Product and Fixed Pricing Model at October Event

Cassette launched its first stackable apartment pod product to the B2B real estate development market in October this year. The product prototype was on display, along with product details and the first of its kind fixed price list for modular units, determined by quantity and fully inclusive of delivery and installation anywhere on the West Coast of the United States. 

The company intends to release updated pricing quarterly, with the same transparency and always inclusive of Cassette-performed installation. 

The early evening event was abuzz with design & construction Industry partners, real estate developers, policymakers and investors.

Cassette’s front-loaded product development business model puts the emphasis on prototyping its fully-designed apartment product at least two times before using its modules on a customer’s project. This removes those prototype costs and “guinea pig” risks from individual project proformas, and makes modular construction more straightforward and feasible for even the smallest of infill developers. 

“The industry really showed up for us,” said CEO Dafna Kaplan, “…and the desire for change is palpable. We are so grateful to be a part of this community.”