The Cassette Process

Cassette combines proven technologies with a well-defined, integration and delivery process. Cassette’s wrap-around design-assist, pre-construction support and project integration services ensure the successful implementation of its modular systems, without costly surprises.


Feasibility Study: Could this project benefit from a modular system? If so, what would it take to optimize the project for modular?


Cassette’s preconstruction services include design support, estimating, and logistics planning to integrate seamlessly with a general contractor’s overall logistics plan and schedule for the project.


Cassette (or another manufacturer) begins producing modules in the factory while the general contractor prepares the site and builds everything below the incoming modular stack.


Cassette’s field team communicates with the general contractor team, verifying schedule expectations and site conditions on a regular basis -- so that the modules arrive just-in-time, and that the site is ready to receive them.


Modules arrive, and Cassette installs them, making all necessary structural and waterproofing connections.