Dafna Kaplan

Founder & CEO

Dafna Kaplan is the founding CEO of Cassette. As a veteran of both consumer tech and construction industries, she observed the need for a tech-driven innovator committed to working through and with the people that make buildings happen. Hence, Cassette’s unique business model aims to lift all boats with the rising tide of industrialization.

Kaplan’s career began with ten years of leadership in global branding and media communications in the software and consumer tech space, with her last role in that sector as Targus’ global brand director. In 2004, Kaplan transitioned her marketing expertise to the architecture and construction sector, where she last served as a Vice President at MATT Construction, a regionally acclaimed commercial construction firm in California.

Kaplan is passionate about giving back, and has served on association and non-profit boards for over two decades, including the Consumer Electronics Association accessories division board, the Executive and Management Committees of the Urban Land Institute in Los Angeles, the Architecture + Design Museum, and as Public Director on the AIA Los Angeles Chapter Board. She resides in Los Angeles, but travels extensively to research global technology and building trends.

Kaplan holds an MBA, Summa Cum Laude, from the UCLA Anderson School and a BA in Human Services from the University of Oregon.

Nick Butcher

Chief Operating Officer

Nick Butcher is both the Chief Operating Officer of Cassette, and its Board Director. His global construction experience and perspective inform the company’s supply chain partnerships, quality assurance, and project management procedures.

He is known globally as a leader of cost management teams handling large scale and architecturally complex construction projects. He has developed an instinct for discerning and interpreting the main cost and risk drivers of a project early in conceptual design and providing pragmatic guidance with architectural sensitivity throughout design and construction.

Randy Miller


Randy Miller is the most prolific modular construction design-builder in the U.S. Ahead of the curve nationally, Randy founded a vertically integrated modular design, development, manufacturing and construction business that became RAD Urban in 2014. Since that time he has designed, fabricated and installed eight successful multifamily modular projects of increasing size and complexity, ever improving modular engineering and constructability. Randy leads Cassette’s technical staff and oversees Cassette’s R&D, engineering, and the project implementation side of Cassette’s business. He holds a Masters Degree in Construction Engineering and Management from Stanford University, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley.

Benjamin Carter

Sr. Structural Engineer

Ben Carter is a structural innovation virtuoso and multi-faceted thinker. After a chapter working with world-renowned architects around the world on large commercial projects like Apple Park, google’s Chaleston East Campus, SFMOMA, and the Portland International Airport, Ben’s interests pivoted toward intelligent industrialized solutions. During his tenures at Katerra and RAD Urban, he fused his conventional engineering practice with hands-on experience optimizing manufactured product for rapid on-site assembly.

A native of New Zealand, Ben holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Structural Engineering from the University of Canterbury and a Masters in Structural Engineering from Stanford University.

Robin Johnson

Director of Logistics

Robin Johnson is Cassette’s master of roads, seas and skies, with three decades of global logistics experience. His mastery of all facets of the ecosystem inform Cassette’s scenario planning and project management strategy for every project.

Dennis Rustad

Constructability Leader

Dennis Rustad has more than thirty years in the construction industry as project manager, superintendent, and most recently, head of BIM / virtual construction for MATT Construction. His breadth of project experience, combined with an aeronautical education and in-depth knowledge of today’s cutting-edge 3D modeling programs, make Mr. Rustad one of the leading experts in planning and constructability of complex projects.

Mr. Rustad leads Cassette’s modular constructability and logistics planning using 4D BIM modeling to analyze and optimize schedule, means & methods.