Our Story

Necessity is the mother of invention. 

Cassette was born to address one of the worst housing crises the U.S. has ever faced.  

In 2019, Cassette founders embarked upon an investigative journey to uncover the obstacles preventing true construction innovation from widespread adoption. Detailed findings led to Cassette’s integrated service model, and to its innovative delivery approach.

The business model encapsulates the belief that building is an intrinsically human exercise, and that groundbreaking innovation in this sector must be accompanied by a human-centric plan that ensures all at the table can succeed.

Cassette also believes that collaboration between the private and public sector can lead to added value for both, and a win for our communities. The company provides shelter for a transitional homeless person for every 100 housing modules sold in any given city, and asks those cities to participate in modular construction literacy workshops to advance the speed of housing production on every level.