Prefab homes, from our factory to your playground.

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Prefab homes, from 
our factory to your 

Modular Homes

Build an instant second home, vacation rental, or accessory dwelling unit (ADU). Introducing Jollies - Cassette's line of modular detached homes.

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Commercial Solutions

Stackable modular housing and custom products. Cassette now design-builds modular homes for all project types.

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Quality, predictability, and efficiency are part of great design.

Price & Schedule Certainty

By choosing Cassette, you are choosing a meticulously-designed piece of architecture that has already been tested in the real world. Congrats on leaving very little to chance!

Carbon Neutral by Design

Our homes are factory-built with local materials, electric appliances, efficient heating and cooling, and a top-of-the-line Enphase solar systems.

Let Cassette take the lead

Your dedicated project manager will take responsibility for every project from permit through occupancy.

Great design considers not only the home itself, but also the parts you don’t see. We focus as much on elegant installation details as we do on designing things like window systems and cabinet pulls.