Only the good kind of surprises.

Here's how it works:

Step 1

Check your site for fit

A Cassette specialist will review your site address and your product selection for product fit, and to make sure there are no obstacles to delivering your home(s). Your specialist will review these findings with you on a video call, and if it makes sense, will also schedule an in-person site visit.

Step 2  (three days)

Proposal & Sign-off

If everything checks out and you decide to proceed, Cassette will prepare a detailed proposal that includes the Cassette product that you discussed. We'll send you a site plan, preliminary schedule, and total cost proposal to review and approve.

Step 3  (four weeks)

Site Engineering & Local Permitting

Cassette will evaluate local site conditions and will validate the necessary scope and cost of on-site construction components.  At the end of this period, we will submit your project to the local authorities for a local construction permit.


Construction & Manufacturing

Your order will go into Cassette’s manufacturing queue. A month prior to delivery, Cassette’s Crews will get to work preparing the foundation and connections for water, power and sewer.

Step 5 (ONE DAY)

Delivery & Installation

Schedule a block party! Cassette’s delivery truck will arrive with your finished home, and our crew will set it in place on its foundations.

Step 6 (one week)

Finish work

Once the Jolly is in place, Cassette spends up to a week connecting all utilities, connecting the solar panels, putting finishing touches on the home and obtaining final local inspections for Certificate of Occupancy.

Step 7

Kick your heels up

Congratulations, you’ve just saved up to 12 months of traditional construction time, untold headaches, and well -- the planet. Enjoy your just rewards, and thank you for being a part of the Jolly community!