Your new normal: High quality, low contingency.

A smarter way to build, from permit to occupancy.

A smarter way to
build, from permit to occupancy.

By standardizing both the manufactured and the site portion of the building process, we can focus on what matters. Great design, and a quality living space for your tenants.

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Cassette offers manufacturing-level speed and quality to developers through three distinct product platforms.

Multi-Jolly Development

We offer bulk discounts and construction management services for commercial developers purchasing 3 or more Jollies to develop a hospitality or other form of real estate development project. Inquire about our campground models with reduced kitchen facilities for glamping, youth camps and other non-living applications.


Cassette’s duplex has two 2/1 stacked units and a prefabricated stair module. Exterior siding, roofing, and solar standoffs are included in the prefabrication, reducing on-site trade work to just weeks. Duplexes can be flipped and organized as quads, or can serve as commercial ADU units on an existing multifamily development.


Cassette’s heavy steel, patent-pending structural system is ideal for high quality units with high replication. Vertical post-tensioned connections happen through columns, leaving finishes untouched on-site.

Designed for success
in the field.

Commercial superintendents love Cassette, because we understand that modular projects are still construction projects. Every Cassette system is designed for maximum enjoyment by inhabitants and intuitive integration with everything else on the jobsite.

Industrialization is a mindset.

Cassette brings its manufacturing sensibility to the building sector with a unique hybrid approach to transformation. Cassette systems productize the building process, soup-to-nuts, and provide a complete suite of services necessary to make every project a success, every time.

Turnkey services. No handoffs.

Cassette is a licensed general contractor in California, and can serve as either a project GC or a turnkey subcontractor, delivering and installing its own units.

Our Assembly line continues at the site.

Cassette system design includes the on-site connectivity kits that bring repeatability and precision to the entire project – not just the bits in the factory.

Great design includes the parts you see and the parts you don’t.

Our design process includes the things that make Cassette homes not only a joy to live in – but a joy to put together on-site.

Tightest tolerances in the industry.

By using prefabricated, pre-cut steel components, Cassette is able to achieve extremely tight tolerances, reducing risk and work-arounds in the field.

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