Cassette Apartment Pods
For Multifamily Construction

Great design doesn’t have to be expensive.

Leveraging manufacturing, Cassette delivers surprising amenities, first-in-class storage, fresh design and ergonomic features that set it apart from other apartments — without adding cost.

For the builder

The pod's chassis is a robust steel system that is easy to hook up.

For the planet

Cassette offers a path toward reducing waste and carbon emissions in construction.

Take a closer look. Scrutinize the workmanship.
Discover the space.

Assembly Spacing / Tolerance

System Components & Options

Window System

Base Option

Floor-to-ceiling, wall to wall glazing
Two operable windows

Sliding Door System

Additional Cost

Floor to ceiling, wall to wall glazing
Two track sliders >5ft clear opening
Includes steel support bracket for Juliet balcony

Q: How do contractors attach balconies & corridors on-site?

A: The base Cassette price includes two standard support brackets that support one side of most double-loaded corridors, a Juliet balcony or similar structural load. Cassette also offers a sturdier bracket as an option, which is capable of supporting a cantilevered single loaded corridor or larger balcony addition.


Cassette units are priced by quantity, and our turnkey cost includes delivery, stacking, and structural connection on site.

Pricing is updated quarterly to reflect variation in material indexes.

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